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How to register for Nutanix NCP Exam

So many persons are confused about the proper method to log in to Nutanix University site and register for the exam and do the exam
The aim of the article is to act as a reference for any IT professional
planning to start his career with Nutanix Hyper converged infrastructure and
write the Nutanix Certified Professional Exam to showcase his skills on the
Nutanix HCI ecosystem .

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Free Voucher for Nutanix NCP

Nutanix university once again issued a free voucher for Nutanix NCP Exam . it is valid up to September 30th 2020 . So hurry up . To know how to register for Nutanix Exam , follow this link

NCP-Multicloud Infrastructure ( NCP-MCI) 5.15

The new exam for the 5.15 track of NCP has a new name . It is now the Nutanix Certified Professional – Multi cloud Infrastructure . The New name make sense as Nutanix ecosystem is expanding in a big way and the certification name should reflect that . It is the major name change after… Read More »

50 % Discount voucher for NCP & NCAP Exams

It is a time when most of us as forced to stay back at home and work from home . Now it is a good time to spend a bit of time on your certification efforts too. Since Nutanix Certifications are remote proctored from the inception you can write the exam from anywhere