How to register for Nutanix NCP Exam

By | June 28, 2020

So many persons are confused about the proper method to log in to Nutanix University site and register for the exam and do the exam
The aim of the article is to act as a reference for any IT professional
planning to start his career with Nutanix Hyper converged infrastructure and
write the Nutanix Certified Professional Exam to showcase his skills on the
Nutanix HCI ecosystem .

Nutanix University is your one stop shop foreverything related to Nutanix Training and certifications . There are three models of training delivery with Nutanix University .

Online (free),    Online Plus (paid),    Instructor-Led (paid)

Out of which,  online session is a free way for you gain the knowledge of Nutanix Products ,but it lacks the hands-on labs offered by other
two tracks and the interaction with a real industry person offered by the
instructor led session . Still it is worth the effort if you can spend lot of
time in your home lab or on the Nutanix Test drive labs 

As far as your technical track of Nutanix Certification is concerned , Nutanix offers NCP , NCAP and NPX out of which NCP validates your skills to administer and troubleshoot the Nutanix environment and it is an ideal choice of certification if you are a Nutanix customer and wish to have a full understanding about the concepts of the HCI and how to administer the Nutanix box .

NCAP is there to improve your skills on performing more complex admin level tasks on the cluster and optimize and scale the infrastructure and the workloads .

NPX is all about your ability to design enterprise-class solutions and as of now it is not an exam , but rather a panel defense . So from exam perspective start focusing on NCP and NCAP as of now .

To Start your study plan , visit  . It will take you to the My Nutanix portal where you need to create an account .

You need to login with your business email ID from your company as the regular free email services you are using for your personal life is not accepted there . Make sure you can receive a confirmation email on the email ID you are mentioning on the signup form . Do submit thee form and you will get  a confirmation on your email.

Then log back in to with your new account through this interface.

And reach this interface to accept the privacy policy

Once you reach the interface shown below  do not directly go to the training option because you have not opted for any training yet , so you will not have any permission to go to that section . Click on the Certification option .

Click the NCP Certification option to register for the learning plan for NCP . If you are already an NCP , then you can click the NCAP( In that case there is a rare chance that you will be reading this post to know about it  )

Go to NCP 5.10 or 5.15 Learning plan . As of writing this post , the NCP 5.15 exam is still in beta , so it is a good option to try the NCP 5.10 Exam.

The learning plan involves an online study , additional materials for you prepare further in to the Nutanix track , a 25 question practice test and Finally NCP 5.10 Exam .

If you are already comfortable on Nutanix concepts , you can try the exam path . Else you can start with the Free Online track or paid online plus or Instructor led session .  As you are aware , any skills can be learned online and with help of self study and preparation if you have enough time to invest on it . If that time is worth more than that , then go for the mentored sessions like the Instructor led classroom / remote sessions .

In addition to the training session mentioned , the Nutanix Bible will be a great refernce for anything related to Nutanix . Available online and free for you at

Once you done with that and ready for the exam , choose the last option in the list and go to the exam dashboard . But even before that , it is a good idea to test your skills with the practice exam from Nutanix.

It is a 25 Question practice exam and you are expected to get 100 /100 to pass the exam since it is a test process. The good thing is that when you finish the same , you will get a detailed explanation about all the questions you have done wrong . SO it will be really helpful . you can have any number of attempts on the test exam to get more comfortable.

Let me share my try on it , yes , I got 100 %  😊

Now go back and click on the Exam option and you will be taken to the exam dashboard . Nutanix offer a remote proctored exam which you can attempt from your system itself at the comfort of your office or home . But it is monitored over a secure line with your webcam and your mic and the policies are more strict than the normal exam center based one.

You need a Nutanix portal access to take the exam . This exam is meant for the Nutanix End user , Partner and Nutanix Employee and it is identified by your company email ID .  If you does not belong to any of the category , you will get a message that the email domain is not from an authorized organization . If you think it is a mistake , drop an email to [email protected] or [email protected] and try your luck .

Once you become eligible to take the exam , clicking on the exam dashboard will take you directly to the exam site by PSI Exams who is conducting the exam for Nutanix .

Most of the Nutanix exams are done though Remote online proctored mode and normally your only choice for most part of the world . Go ahead with the remote option , chose your country and time zone which is really important if your country has multiple time zones .check for the available date and time slot and fix your exam .

Most of the Nutanix Exams are 199 $ per attempt . Check if you have a voucher code available to make a discount on it or make it completely free for you . Depending on your customer or partner status , Nutanix will offer you voucher codes time to time . Since it is a general post I am not posting any voucher offer data here , but you can find the same on the vouchers and discount offer section of the website .

Let me post my NCP 5.10 Certificate here just to give you are idea how it looks like when you finally achieve  it . Yu need to update your certification as new tracks comes in . I started my journey back in NPP 4.0 days continued with NPP 5.0 , NCP 5.0 , NCP 5.5 and now NCP 5.10 in addition to my other Nutanix Certifications . 

That’s it . Now try your luck with NCP exam . Hope this post was helpful to you . Do comment on it and pass it on to your friends who wish to move to Nutanix HCI segment . Do watch this blog for more posts on Nutanix NCP and other certifications . 

Free Voucher for Nutanix NCP , click here

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